Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rubik's Cube and some updates

I am supposed to be studying real hard at such time, but I just can't help doing all sorts of nonsense stuff other than studying. Talk about being indisciplined!!!

Solved my first Rubik's cube today!! After much persuasion from my brother, I finally started learning to solve the Rubik's cube step by step. Haha, would have learned to solve it years ago while the Great Master Mr QF was still in AA showing off all his stunts on different ways of solving the cube...but it just wasn't my cup of tea back then... Not that I'm interested in it now... I just wanted to find some escape from studying.

6 more days till exam. Not going to pass for sure, so am taking things easy at the moment. Enjoy the good food, go exercise a bit, go lim teh with friends who are in Kangar at the moment, tutor my brother for his final exams, and catch up with some Taiwanese entertainment shows. And finally...bits of studying. :p

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Contentments

Received a call from JY and we chatted. That made my day, though the topics of conversation might be on pathetic work and exam stuff. :D

Talked to Mom and Dad and complained to them how sucky the doctor I visited on Monday was, and planned about the upcoming trip for the Raya. That brightened up my day. :D

Had dinner with my housemate's friends who are a bunch of "birdies" (鸟人) who speak "bird language"(鸟话). LOL. Had fun listening to their crappy conversations and joined in a bit to be part of the crappy gang.

Am trying to find joys in all these little contentments amidst exam preparation (which sucks big time and isn't going well at all) and the stormy office politics...

5 more days to home sweet home. :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am thinking of revamping this blog. Or turning it to private... No decision made yet, so will just hide the older posts for the moment.